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Providing Translation and Interpretation services, We are a Multilingual company assisting other businesses with Market researshes, Software and Websites creation.

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Precision and flexibility are among the best factors on which the company works, so all services are performed by a team of experts with very high accuracy.


The company maintains all customer data, information and ideas that it gets through customers completely confidentially to maintain customer privacy.


We provide services with the best efficiency and high quality, which thus gives the best results, so customers love EDJ.


What distinguishes the company besides accuracy and high quality in providing services, we also care about the speed of service and work to satisfy customers at all times.

Translation services

Want your project, presentations, user manuals, menus, magazines or books translated? EDJ International provides high quality translation services fast, and affordable in all major languages by thousands of certified translators worldwide.

Interpretation services

Our professional interpreters are at your service 24/7, we also offer the service over the phone, and onsite interpreting.

DTP Multilingual

Multilingual Desktop publishing software Services , EDJ International has the latest software, equipment and a team of language experts to tackle all of your needs for DTP services at a fair price.

Video & Subtitle Translation

EDJ International can take your message to a larger audience by providing subtitled translation for visual media : movies, series, documentaries, biography, DVDs and videos in any language

Software Services

EDJ International is a creative agency, we build, intergrade, scale and upgrade your applications. We provide our services to businesses from startups, mid to large enterprises across variety of industries. we build high-quality software solutions and products and also deliver a wide range of related professional services.

Market Research

We are regularly engaged in ongoing market research and industrial surveys around the world, relying on our highly experienced researchers with collective networks located internationally. We can offer up-to-date statistics.


We Professionally Engage, We commit To Drive Results


We Work Around Your Schedule, We Care!

Best Price

We beat the price of our competitors

Tecnical Support

Ready and Available At Your Service 24/7


National Day in the UAE

EDJ International Ltd and GAINA Pro Japan congratulates United Arab of Emirates for the 49th UAE National Day. God bless UAE


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The towers supporting the bridge are white in color, designed to harmonize with the skyline of central Tokyo seen from Odaiba.