Tranlsation :

Yes, we translate into all languages.
We do handle onsite and online interpretation tasks.
We can’t decide the costs as they tend to differ according to:
  • The language pair involved
  • The content of the text (whether it’s technical or general one)
  • The deadline
  • The volume (in case of a big volume, we can make discounts)
  • Whether proofreading or any other service is required or not
Kindly, click here to know about our average rates.
The delivery time varies depending on the amount of text and the file format.
So In case of a big volume, the process will take much time than a small volume may take.
It will also be affected by the content of the text, the language and the file format. Is it a legal contract, a thesis, a newsletter to your customers, a technical manual, a handwritten letter or your whole website?
In EDJ, we can handle all translation fields starting from general ones to the most technical ones.
For example, We can handle Medical, technical, educational, political, economical fields, etc.
When you contact EDJ, you will be in touch with the project manager.
And the project manager is then in turn in contact with the translator/translators involved in your project.
First, we start by gathering all the details about the project, then having an upfront discussion with our client about things like target audience, subject matter, special terminology, document format, and turnaround time.
Once you provide us with the project targeted to be translated, we check with our resources and then send you a quote. After all the parameters are agreed upon, we get started.
First, we assign the translation to the right ones who are experts in the targeted field and that’s after checking their CVs well and making sure they handled such a content before.
We follow the guidelines you provide us well.
After the translator submits the file, we check it well and make sure there is no any mistakes and in case you require proofreading of your file, we assign to a proofreader.
After that, we submit the file to you and in case your reviewer sends us any feedbacks or comments, we take your reviewer’s comments, validate them, and implement any changes.
A last round of quality check is performed, after which you receive your deliverables.
Yes, we can handle DTP requests.
DTP mainly means desktop publishing and involves fitting the text into a layout. Have you got a layout file in InDesign or Frame Maker? If so, we can complete the translation in the file itself and, if you wish, we can also reimport the translated text into the original layout and deliver in a PDF format with the layout adjusted same as the original file.
Yes, we can translate the documents using cat tools.
Computer assisted translation or computer aided translation involves using a translation tool that helps the translator during the translation process. One advantage of using a CAT tool is keeping the terms unified since many translators can work on the same project and all of them will guarantee to unify the terms because the tool recognizes repetitions or text that has been translated before and can be reused.
After we submit the translated text, the client is most welcome to send us any feedback or amending request that he might need.
In such cases, we analyze the comments sent by the client and send them to the translator in charge.
After the translator amends the file, we resubmits it again to the client.
Good translation agencies are aware they are not omnipotent, and will always ask their clients for suggestions.
That’s why, we handle any amending requests or suggestions that you might send us.