The Video Translation Process:

Transcribe: capture all the dialogue and convert it into text to create your voice over scripts or subtitle/closed caption.

Translate: translate the content into each target language.

Subtitles or closed captions: the translation is hard-coded into subtitle. Where in voice over the recording studio to turn your translated scripts into engaging dialogue.

Timestamp: To ensure your voice-overs, subtitles, and captions are in sync.

Video editing: EDJ will create separate videos for each target language with an integrated language selection.

Foreign Subtitles

Need a fast turnaround at an affordable rate? EDJ international helps your video content reach a global audience.

Adding foreign subtitles to videos, increase its viewers worldwide.

Foreign subtitles not only increase the audience of your production, but they also boost search rankings, discoverability, and viewer engagement.

EDJ international helps video producers reach their max potentials , by adding foreign subtitles to their video.

Subtitle Display:

Deals with "written words”, Words that are visually read on the screen. The person who are doing this task have to look at the overall rhythm and the balance of the conversation, Create a complete summary within the appropriate number of characters.

EDJ offers Video Translations:

1. Theatrical release movies.
2. Movies broadcast on terrestrial and satellite broadcasts.
3. Software such as DVD.
4. Videos for companies and products.
5. Tourist information video.

EDJ Translates Videos and what for ?

1. Show your video content to audience worldwide.
2. Make it easy for non-native speakers to understand your content.
3. Grow your fan base on YouTube and deliver your content to a larger audience.

Skills Required For Video Translators:

Video translators need a wide range of knowledge to handle video works of any content. For example, when You translate something related to police, hospital, etc. a lot of technical terms and knowledge are required. Everyday conversations also contain a lot of industry jargon, colloquial expressions, and suggestive implications. Therefore, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the cultural background and customs of the place where the original video work was created.


Is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, playback, broadcasting, and display of moving visual media.

Video Translation:

Is the task of making every video work compatible with other languages.