We aim for “connecting the world”.
Translation, Interpretation, Marketing research and Business Consultant Provider

EDJ International Corporation is a business consulting firm that you can count on to support all of your business needs. From starting a small business to international trade, we're here to provide excellent customer service. In addition, many of our services are available over the Internet, providing you with convenience and flexibility.

It is our 18th Anniversary this year since EDJ International was founded in 2003. We keep growing every year because of the great support from many clients and the great efforts and sincerity of our staff in both Egypt & Japan. I would like to express my deep appreciation for their cooperation.

We have been operating services on foreign languages featuring 4 businesses such as Translation, Interpretation, Video Translation and Market research. Translation division provides all sorts of translations for documents necessary of business activities by the experienced translators in most industries. We have provided translation of contracts, education and training materials of various specialties and industries, website, manuals, financial statements, catalogs and descriptions. Interpretation division supplies highly skilled interpreters to companies, organizations, international conferences, and conventions. We can set booths for simultaneous interpreting and operate the transceivers such as Pana-Guide etc. Video Translation division provides translations, transcreation, transcription and doing research for TV news, subtitles for domestic and foreign movies, motion pictures, PV, overseas coverages, narration by radio performers and recording at studios. We believe the world will be better place by narrowing gab between different cultures and globalization. We believe Peace & globalization is necessary for the future of Japanese economic development. To achieve our goals, we will expand our business and focus our attention to improve quality of services, encourage human resources and reinforce management system. We lead 21st century with the clients, people concerned and future clients widely toward globalization and world peace.