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Interpretation is a service that happens in the moment. It is delivered live--either in unison with (simultaneous) or immediately after (consecutive) the original speech--with no help from scripts, dictionaries, or other reference materials. Professional interpreters need to transpose the source language (language to be translated) within context, preserving its original meaning but rephrasing idioms, colloquialisms, and other culturally-specific references in ways the target audience can understand. An interpreter's only resources are experience, a good memory, and quick reflexes. Interpreters work on projects involving live translation: Conferences and meetings, medical appointments, legal proceedings, live TV coverage, sign language.

Interpretation Services

Regardless of what you need an interpreter for, EDJ international got you covered. Conferences , business meetings, medical appointments, legal proceedings, live TV coverage, sign language and more.

EDJ International has access to the top interpreters in the world along with the high-tech equipment needed to provide professional onsite interpretations in almost any environment.

On-site Live Interpretation Services

EDJ international is equipped with both the technology and the top interpreters to serve your simultaneous interpretation needs.

Our experienced interpreters are equipped and geared up to assist in real time.

EDJ international and all its technology is your number one choice for onsite live interpretations.

Onsite Consecutive Interpretave

Edj international is a leader in the area of consecutive interpretations. Onsite consecutive interpretation services involve having one or more of our top interpreters at your location that listen to a phrase, wait for the speaker to finish their idea or phrase and then interpret for the audience as the speaker waits in silence for the interpreter to finish. In other words, there is normally only one person talking at a time. This format is often used in smaller settings where the use of simultaneous interpretations would be too costly and inefficient due to use of the required equipment, such as headsets and transmitting equipment. Our interpreters are specifically trained in consecutive interpretations as it is important that key elements are not lost while the speaker finishes the phrase or segment. Edj international is your cost-effective solution for your onsite consecutive interpretations needs.

Onsite Simultaneous Interpretation

The other major type of onsite interpretation service is referred to as simultaneous interpretation. Edj international has the top simultaneous interpreters in the world providing the most reliable interpretations for critical communications. Simultaneous interpretations are more complex as they require certain equipment to allow the audience to hear the interpreted language while they watch or interact with the speaker in near real time. The interpreter, in this case, interprets from a location close by or in a closed booth while the speaker is talking, creating a near real-time communication experience. Edj international is equipped with both the technology and the top interpreters to serve your simultaneous interpretation needs. Our interpreters are specifically trained in simultaneous interpretations as it requires a specific skill set to translate real-time communications. Edj international is your cost-effective solution for your solution for onsite simultaneous interpretations.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

As mentioned, simultaneous interpretations require the use of technology to create a “real-time” communications experience. This is accomplished by using a closed wireless communication system with special microphones, headsets and transmitting equipment. Depending on the physical environment and the confidential nature of the information, different technologies are used. There are two major technologies in simultaneous interpretations – FM/RF and IR. FM (or referred to as RF for Radio Frequency equipment) is a technology similar to that used by radio stations and can cover wide distances and penetrate walls. IR (or Infrared), is used normally in smaller indoor settings for more secure communications less susceptible to interference. IR normally requires line-of-site. Edj international will work with your team to establish the best technology for your interpretation needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have with respect to the right technology.


Edj international’s transcription service helps you capture more value from your recorded audio. Audio Transcription Service refers to the conversion of recorded Audio matter into Text. The audio matter can be in digital formats (MP3, WAV etc) or non digital formats (VHS cassettes etc). Non-digital formats will be converted to digital formats and then transcribed by our experienced audio transcription team . In addition to converting your audio to a text file, we offer a complete online experience. Transcripts are delivered with powerful tools for interviews, meetings, films, and more. Professional transcription allows you to buy back your time and gain insights from the content in your recordings. When recording audio, including lengthy interviews and meetings, our customers can focus on the conversation at hand. They rely on us to capture the details of those conversations by handling the transcription of everything that was said. Edj international's diverse set of transcription customers, from journalists to market research companies, use transcripts as part of their daily workflow. By sending us the audio to transcribe, they are able to win back hours in their day and focus on doing more of what they do best. You might not think you would use transcripts in your daily life, but they're helpful for more people than just journalists. We have the incredibly diverse range of transcription customers to prove it.

Foreign Subtitles

Edj international’s subtitle translator service helps your video content reach a global audience. When you add foreign subtitles to videos, more viewers can enjoy your content—regardless of the language they speak. Foreign subtitles are displayed as text on the screen and represent a translation of the dialogue between characters. When you add foreign subtitles to a video, you immediately broaden its potential reach. Foreign subtitles not only expand the audience of a production, but they also boost search rankings, discoverability, and viewer engagement. To help video producers maximize the potential of their content, we can add foreign subtitles to any video. Our easy-to-use subtitling service guarantees quality translations done by expert translators and fast turnaround at an affordable rate.